“I am only a 4-dimensional creature. I haven’t got a clue how to visualise infinity.” (Sir Patrick Moore)

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The Dream Eater

A drawing which colourfully evolved from a mild nightmare I once had, and hastily scribbled down in the middle of the night. I like to imagine there is a creature that eats up bad dreams, but he’s a bit clumsy so sometimes lets nightmares slip through his long, spindly fingers. He looks kind of Peruvian.

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I’ve stolen a garden… its like the whole universe is in here.

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I was watching scenes from ‘The Secret Garden’ online the other day and these photographs really have that magical, mystical, golden-tinted quality that I always imagined the garden would have, hidden behind the ivy hidden door. They have a quality that I am beyond achieving with a digital camera! Taken on my trusty Minolta Hi-Matic G.

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Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin (1934 – 1968), the first man in space, a hero of the Soviet as well as my little childhood.  Yuri was banned from space flights as the Russians feared they would loose their hero – so he re-trained to qualify as a fighter pilot. He died on a training mission in an unexplained air crash. I always remember wondering if he found it madly frustrating to only be flying a jet when he could have been zooming about in the infinite reaches of space…

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