Science Museum.

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I visited the Science Museum in London yesterday. I had forgotten how absolutely fun and fascinating it is. A revisited is most needed as there is way to much to be properly seen in one day. The IMAX 3D screen was breathtaking (saw a film about the repair of the Hubble space telescope in April ’09. It was filmed by the astronauts on board, and made me overwhelmingly jealous and simultaneously joyous). There was one particularly memorable scene where we ‘flew’ though space (at the leisurely speed of 150 billion km per second or something equally as mind-blowing) and into Orion’s Nebula, which is a mere 9 trillion miles across and is home to baby stars. Like a fairytale.


About kateillustrates

I am an illustration student at the Arts University College Bournemouth. I like riding my bike, plotting great plans, travelling places, trying to imagine what goes on in space, playing ukulele, guffawing and sleeping.
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